Bárbara Siewert

24-year-old Bárbara Siewert was born and still resides in the North of Santa Catarina, a Brazilian state. She graduated in Advertising and Publicity but her heart beats faster for design. Her country is one of her greatest inspirations with all of the culture, nature, and diversity to be found there. She applies that inspiration to graphic design and her biggest passion, collage. 

Bárbara believes there are a multitude of possibilities within this medium, which parallel the many possibilities in life and art for connection and synergy. Through her work in the medium of collage, which she pours her soul into, she reveals to us who she is.

Bárbara's work has appeared in publication in Mix and Match - Exploring Contemporary Collage and she has received awards and recognition in design and rebranding for both the Brazilian Seismographic Network and Fido Dido.