Tahsin the Good

Tahsin the Good (B.198X) is a first generation Canadian multidisciplinary artist. Her works are her thoughts on paper. Conversations, revelations and inspirations — realized and desired, inform her process. She explores the opposing ideals and the space in between movement and stillness, desire and acceptance, connection and isolation, evolution and impermanence, and finality and eternity. Her name is arabic and means to enrich, or beautify, so it is no wonder she has always been drawn to the arts, finding solace and expression in creating beautiful things. She  graduated with a Bachelors degree in Design and Fashion Communications from Ryerson University (2004). This foundation compounded with a deep love for philosophy and sociology lends to her aesthetic and frequent use of lens-based imagery, collage, typography, illustration, abstraction, wordplay and prose. 


Currently, she is exploring the effects of relationships namely sisterhood and friendship through her ongoing body of work entitled, ‘Sisters Say’ touching on truths, trust, connection  x solitude. The layers we wear,  the things we don't always  say, the things we need to hear. With introspection it becomes a mirror to the relationship we have with ourselves. Encouraging to the un-encouraged. Powerful to the powerless, hopeful to the one with little hope. Themes of faith, self-love and  internal guidance have come to the surface.  At times her work is minimalist and meditative, and others maximalist and highly emotive. “I like to be able to tap into both sides of these spectrums as this approach to my practice  allows me to release and receive,  which may then allow another to do the same in experiencing it.” She lives and works with her family just outside of Toronto.